Physiology & Biophysics


During the academic year, we sponsor a seminar on most Mondays at 4:00 PM, in the Lecture Hall (E501). We pride ourselves on presenting, at almost every seminar, an eminent scholar from around the country or around the globe.

Upcoming Seminars


"Discover New Genes and Therapies for Cardiomyopathy via Zebrafish Genetics"

Xiaolei Xu, PhD
Hosted by:
Julian E. Stelzer, PhD
Jan. 14, 2019 4 p.m. - 5 p.m.
School of Medicine E501


"Brain region specific single molecule imaging of nicotinic receptors"

Christopher I. Richards, PhD
Hosted by:
Tingwei Mu, PhD
Jan. 28, 2019 4 p.m. - 5 p.m.
School of Medicine E501


"Exploiting the molecular biology of progesterone to prevent preterm birth"

Sam Mesiano, PhD
Feb. 25, 2019 4 p.m. - 5 p.m.
School of Medicine E501


"Chemistry at the membrane: an unnatural approach in a natural setting"

Sharona Gordon, PhD
Hosted by:
Sudha Chakrapani, PhD
March 11, 2019 4 p.m. - 5 p.m.
School of Medicine E501


"The retrotrapezoid nucleus: A site for chemoreceptors or just a relay for other pH sensors?"

George B. Richerson, MD, PhD
Hosted by:
Walter F. Boron, MD, PhD
March 25, 2019 4 p.m. - 5 p.m.
School of Medicine E501


"Pathophysiology of GABAA receptor mutations associated with variable epilepsy syndromes"

Jing-Qiong Kang, MD, PhD
Hosted by:
Tingwei Mu, PhD
April 22, 2019 4 p.m. - 5 p.m.
School of Medicine E501


"Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Membrane Permeability"

Richard W. Pastor, PhD
Hosted by:
Matthias Buck
May 6, 2019 4 p.m. - 5 p.m.
School of Medicine E501

Past Seminars


"Physical Mechanisms of Cell Organization on Micron Length Scales"

Michael K. Rosen, PhD
Dec. 17, 2018 4 p.m. - 5 p.m.
School of Medicine E501


"Architecture and mechanism of pentameric neurotransmitter receptors"

Ryan Hibbs, PhD
Hosted by:
Tingwei Mu, PhD
Dec. 10, 2018 4 p.m. - 5 p.m.
School of Medicine E501


"Myofilament interactions of cardiac myosin-binding protein C N-terminal domains"

Brett A. Colson, PhD
Hosted by:
Julian E. Stelzer, PhD
Dec. 3, 2018 4 p.m. - 5 p.m.
School of Medicine E501


"Developing a Fully Integrative Approach to Define the Molecular Pathogenesis of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopath"

Jil C. Tardiff, MD, PhD
Hosted by:
Ranganath Mamidi, PhD
Nov. 26, 2018 4 p.m. - 5 p.m.
School of Medicine E501


"Organelle targeting of tail-anchored proteins"

Cory Dunn, PhD
Hosted by:
Rajesh Ramachandran, PhD
Nov. 19, 2018 4 p.m. - 5 p.m.
School of Medicine E501


"Structural characterization of a nucleotide-powered endonuclease complex involved in bacterial defense"

Joshua S. Chappie, PhD
Hosted by:
Rajesh Ramachandran, PhD
Nov. 12, 2018 4 p.m. - 5 p.m.
School of Medicine E501


"Autonomic Modulation of Venous Capacitance in the Pathophysiology of Acute HF"

Mark E. Dunlap, MD
Nov. 5, 2018 4 p.m. - 5 p.m.
School of Medicine E501


"The Role of Bioactive Lipids in Transient Receptor Potential Channels Function"

Julio Cordero-Morales, PhD
Hosted by:
Sudha Chakrapani, PhD
Oct. 29, 2018 4 p.m. - 5 p.m.
School of Medicine E501


"Human GABAA Receptor Structures and Signaling Mechanisms"

Radu Aricescu, PhD
Hosted by:
Sudha Chakrapani, PhD
Oct. 24, 2018 4 p.m.
School of Medicine E501


"Towards a structural understanding of aquaporin function and activation: a hybrid Electron microscopic and X-ray crystallographic approach"

Ardeschir Vahedi-Faridi, PhD
Oct. 22, 2018 4 p.m. - 5 p.m.
School of Medicine E501


"Cryo-EM, an imaging tool beyond crystallography"

Wah Chiu, PhD
Hosted by:
Sudha Chakrapani, PhD
Oct. 17, 2018 1 p.m.
School of Medicine E501


"Critical windows of respiratory system development - adverse consequences to early life insults"

Peter MacFarlane, PhD
Oct. 15, 2018 4 p.m. - 5 p.m.
School of Medicine E501


"Magnetic Resonance Studies of Membrane Proteins"

Gary A. Lorigan, PhD
Hosted by:
Sudha Chakrapani, PhD
Oct. 8, 2018 4 p.m. - 5 p.m.
School of Medicine E501


"New ideas in glaucoma therapeutics"

Carol Toris, PhD
Oct. 1, 2018 4 p.m. - 5 p.m.
School of Medicine E501


"The Challenge of Immature Respiratory Control Superimposed Upon an Immature Preterm Lung"

Richard J. Martin, MD
Sept. 24, 2018 4 p.m. - 5 p.m.
School of Medicine E501


"Functional dynamics via high-power relaxation dispersion: Molecular recognition, hierarchy of motions, and allostery"

Donghan Lee, PhD
Hosted by:
Matthias Buck
Sept. 10, 2018 4 p.m. - 5 p.m.
School of Medicine E501


"Heart Failure: Two Inflammatory Tales"

Joseph A. Hill, MD, PhD
Hosted by:
Walter F. Boron, MD, PhD
Sept. 7, 2018 1:30 p.m.
School of Medicine E501


"Purinergic Regulation of Renal Na+ Excretion and Blood Pressure"

James D. Stockand, PhD
Hosted by:
Walter F. Boron, MD, PhD
July 16, 2018 4 p.m. - 5 p.m.
School of Medicine E501

Archived Seminars

05/01/2018  Xinghong Dai, PhD, Mechanisms of viral capsid assembly and genome packaging
04/30/2018  Michael K. Rosen, PhD, POSTPONED UNTIL 12/17/2018: Physical Mechanisms of Cell Organization on Micron Length Scales
04/19/2018  Peter J. Hunter, MNZM, DPhil, ME, FIPENZ (Hon.), FRSNZ, FRS, A mathematical physics and computer science framework for reproducible multiscale modelling in physiology
04/18/2018  Peter J. Hunter, MNZM, DPhil, ME, FIPENZ (Hon.), FRSNZ, FRS, Cardiac research at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute
04/17/2018  Hiro Furukawa, PhD, Structure and Biology of NMDA receptors
04/16/2018  Ralf Langen, PhD, Huntingtin Misfolding and Membrane Interaction – Implications for Huntington’s Disease
04/09/2018  Carol J. Deutsch, PhD, Ribosome-Peptide Pas de Deux: Tunnel Vision
04/02/2018  Wonpil Im, PhD, Bacterial Outer Membranes and Interactions with Membrane Proteins
03/19/2018  Mark A. Knepper, MD, PhD, Regulation of Aqp2 gene expression by vasopressin
03/12/2018  R. Tyler Miller, MD, Biophysical Contributions to Glomerular Disease Initiation and Progression
03/08/2018  Jean-Paul Armache, PhD, Structural studies of macromolecules using electron cryo-microscopy (cryo-EM)
03/05/2018  Tianmin Fu, PhD, To Be or Not To Be: The Triggering of Cell Death Signaling by Protein Oligomerization
02/26/2018  Nami Tajima, PhD, Molecular mechanisms of NMDA receptor function and regulation
02/23/2018  Mark S. P. Sansom, DPhil, Lipid-Protein Interactions Through a 'Computational Microscope': Molecular Simulation Studies of Complex Biological Membranes
02/15/2018  Wei Mi, PhD, Trap and Flip": Conformational Snapshots and Mechanism of a Lipid Flippase
02/12/2018  Jian Payandeh, PhD, Structural basis for selective antagonism of Nav channels and ABC transporters
01/29/2018  Nazih L. Nakhoul, PhD, Properties and regulation of renal ammonia transport by Rh glycoproteins
01/22/2018  Murali Prakriya, PhD, The Molecular Physiology of store-operated CRAC channels
11/20/2017  Mark Parker, PhD, Slc4a11: a H<sup>+</sup> channel in HCO<sub>3</sub><sup>-</sup> transporter’s clothing
11/13/2017  Steven K. Backues, PhD, Bulk vs Selective: The Mechanisms of Cellular Self-Eating
11/06/2017  Ashutosh Agrawal, PhD, Life at the interface is occasionally unstable
10/30/2017  Chris Ward, PhD, Microtubules as Disease Modifiers and Therapeutic Targets in Striated Muscle
10/16/2017  Stephen J. Moss, PhD, Mechanisms that regulate the efficacy of GABAergic inhibition and the pathophysiology of epilepsy
10/09/2017  Michaela Jansen, PharmD, PhD, Towards a high-resolution structure of the proton-coupled folate transporter
10/02/2017  Emad Tajkhorshid, PhD, Microscopic View of Mechanisms and Pathways for Material Transport Across the Cellular Membrane
09/28/2017  Jeanne M. Nerbonne, PhD, Diversity of Cardiac Ion Channel Regulatory Mechanisms
09/18/2017  Monte S. Willis, MD, PhD, MBA, FCAP, FAHA, Muscle-Specific Regulation of Autophagy and Its Potential Role in Protecting Against Sepsis-Induced Cardiomyopathy
09/11/2017  Damir Janigro, PhD, Blood-brain barrier and neurological diseases
07/05/2017  Michael Decker, PhD, RN, RRM, Diplomate ABSM, Mechanisms through which hypoxia-induced dopamine dysfunction could enhance vulnerability for substance misuse
05/01/2017  Mark S. Shapiro, PhD, M-type (KCNQ) potassium ion channels: Novel insights into structure, signaling and functional role in brain dysfunction
04/26/2017  David Eisner, DPhil, FRCP (Hon.), FMedSci, Calcium in the heart: in and out of control
04/25/2017  Susan Wray, PhD, FRCOG, FMedSci, Hypoxia and uterine function – something old and something new
04/24/2017  Adam W. Smith, PhD, Resolving molecular interfaces in biological membranes
04/17/2017  Jonathan A. Javitch, MD, PhD, A tale of two substrates: a novel mechanism for neurotransmitter: sodium symport
04/10/2017  Christopher J. Lingle, PhD, Auxiliary subunits of BK channels: not so auxiliary
03/22/2017  Amira Klip, PhD, Insulin and exercise signals mobilizing glucose transporters in muscle cells
03/20/2017  Anthony G. Hudetz, DBM, PhD, Brain Dynamics and Consciousness: Insights from anesthetic modulation of neuronal circuits
03/16/2017  Il-man Kim, PhD, Beta-arrestin-mediated adrenergic receptor signaling and non-coding RNAs in heart failure
03/13/2017  Xuelin Lou, PhD, Dynamin-mediated endocytosis in pancreatic beta cells: Mechanism, function and implication in diabetes
03/06/2017  Daniel Beard, PhD, Myocardial mechanical-energetic coupling in heart disease
02/27/2017  Aryn Gittis, PhD, Cell-specific pallidal intervention induces long-lasting motor recovery in dopamine depleted mice
02/21/2017  Na Li, PhD, Epigenetic Regulation and Inflammasome: Novel Molecular Mechanisms in Atrial Fibrillation
02/20/2017  Pierre-Jean Corringer, PhD, Allosteric functioning of a bacterial pentameric channel-receptor
02/13/2017  Linda M. Hendershot, PhD, Dissecting the Sequence-Based Quality Control Code of the Resident ER Hsp70 System
02/06/2017  William J. Pearce, PhD, Fetal Programming in the Vasculature: Glucocorticoids, miRNA and Smooth Muscle Phenotype
01/30/2017  Sharlene Day, MD, Clinical and experimental insights into myosin binding protein C mutations for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
01/23/2017  Zayd M. Khaliq, PhD, Dopaminergic neurons of the substantia nigra – integration and subpopulations
12/15/2016  Matthew S. Gentry, PhD, Lafora disease - defining the molecular basis for a metabolic epilepsy
12/05/2016  Junji Iwahara, PhD, How do proteins scan DNA?
11/29/2016  Fang Li, PhD, Coronavirus Spike Proteins: Structure, Function, and Vaccine Design
11/28/2016  E. James Petersson, PhD, Studying the role of alpha-synuclein in Parkinson’s Disease using synthetic proteins
11/21/2016  Nicholas G. Brown, PhD, Structural Mechanisms of Cell Cycle Regulation by the Anaphase-Promoting Complex/Cyclosome
11/14/2016  Sameer Varma, MD, Design principles for selective ion transport across membranes
10/31/2016  David M. Jameson, PhD, Through a Glass, Darkly - Looking at Protein Interactions in and out of Cells
10/24/2016  Sam Senyo, PhD, Engineering tools to study and repair the broken heart
10/19/2016  Eric Gouaux, PhD, Music of the brain illuminated by molecular studies of the instruments: X-rays and electrons reveal architecture and mechanism of neurotransmitter receptors and transporters
10/10/2016  Themis Lazaridis, PhD, Peptide-stabilized membrane pores: insights from simulations
10/07/2016  Jonathan A. Epstein, MD, Regulation of nuclear architecture drives cell fate
10/03/2016  Stephen G. Sligar, PhD, Revealing the Structure and Function of Membrane Proteins Through Nanotechnology
09/19/2016  Reid Gilmore, PhD, Oligosaccharyltransferase assembly lines to achieve efficient asparagine-linked glycosylation
09/12/2016  Walter F. Boron, MD, PhD, Overturning Overton: channel-mediated gas transport across cell membranes
05/09/2016  Zhiyong Lin, PhD, An emerging role for matricellular protein CCN3 in vascular biology
05/02/2016  Henry N. Higgs, PhD, Biochemical and cellular studies of mammalian mitochondrial fission
04/25/2016  Dimitar Nikolov, PhD, Structural Studies of Axon Guidance Molecules
04/18/2016  John A. Dani, PhD, Nicotinic and Dopaminergic Mechanisms of Plasticity and Addiction
04/11/2016  Craig Vander Kooi, PhD, Role of Neuropilin in Endothelial Cell Function
04/08/2016  Ulrich Pohl, Prof., Vascular connexins, all-rounders which mind more than just a gap (junction)
04/04/2016  Jie Zheng, PhD, Activation of nociceptive TRPV1 channel by vanilloids
03/28/2016  Hassane Mchaourab, PhD, Principles of energy transduction and alternating access by secondary transporters
03/21/2016  Justin Taraska, PhD, Imaging the nanometer-scale structure of exocytosis and endocytosis
03/17/2016  Ernest M. Wright, PhD, DSci, FRS, Basic Physiology to Translational Medicine: Lessons from SGLTS
03/14/2016  Kevin Bender, PhD, D3 dopamine receptor function defines a unique prefrontal pyramidal cell class
03/09/2016  Rossana Occhipinti, PhD, Mathematical modeling of acid-base physiology
03/07/2016  Mohamed Trebak, PhD, Multifaceted ORAI Channels: Novel Regulators of Vascular Function
02/29/2016  Cole M. Haynes, PhD, Adaptive responses to mitochondrial dysfunction via a mito-UPR
02/22/2016  David G. Nicholls, PhD, Investigating mitochondrial bioenergetics in the intact cell
02/15/2016  Wenzhen Duan, MD, PhD, Translational Neurobiology: From Target Validation to Drug Development
02/08/2016  Yihong Ye, PhD, Protein quality control and cancer therapy
01/11/2016  Anne K. Kenworthy, PhD, Assembly, dynamics, and function of membrane domains
12/07/2015  Jason Gestwicki, PhD, Targeting Protein-Protein Interactions in the Molecular Chaperone Networks to Treat Protein Misfolding Diseases
11/30/2015  Patrick van der Wel, PhD, Membrane-mediated activation of the proaptotic peroxidase function of mitochondrial cytochrome c
11/23/2015  Shu-ou Shan, PhD, ATPase and GTPase tangos during intracellular protein targeting
11/16/2015  Kenton J. Swartz, PhD, Structure and gating mechanism of temperature-sensing TRPV1 channels
11/09/2015  Alemayehu Gorfe, PhD, Conformational plasticity and druggability of membrane-bound oncogenic K-Ras
11/02/2015  Louis-Eric Trudeau, PhD, Axonal arborization and energetic metabolism of nigral dopamine neurons : a window into selective vulnerability in Parkinson's disease
10/26/2015  John E. Baenziger, PhD, Modulation of nicotinic receptor activity in both normal and diseased states
10/19/2015  Daniel N. Hebert, PhD, N-glycan directed folding and quality control in the ER
10/12/2015  Peter Libby, MD, Inflammation in Atherosclerosis –a Translational Journey
09/28/2015  Michelle A. Puchowicz, PhD, Neuroprotective Properties of Ketosis
09/14/2015  Pei Tang, PhD, Structural Insights Into Channel Gating and Drug Modulation
05/21/2015  Anita Aperia, MD, PhD, Identification of Na,K-ATPase as a signal transducer that regulates mitochondrial function
05/18/2015  Carol Toris, PhD, Ocular Aqueous Humor Dynamics in Health and Disease
05/11/2015  Bradley K. Yoder, PhD, Cilia, in vivo functions and connections to disease
04/27/2015  Sakthivel Sadayappan, PhD, MBA, FAHA, FAPS, Unraveling disease mechanisms in cardiomyopathy with MYBPC3 gene mutations
04/22/2015  Richard J. Johnson, MD, Fructose and its Role in Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome
04/20/2015  Philip J. Thomas, PhD, Catching Mistakes Early: Quality Assurance before Quality Control
04/13/2015  Michael R. Bruchas, PhD, Dissection of GPCR Signaling and Neural Circuits in Stress
04/06/2015  Henry A. Lester, PhD, Inside-out Neuropharmacology, from Nicotinic Receptors to Psychiatric Medication
03/30/2015  Ted M. Dawson, MD, PhD, Regulation of Life and Death Decisions by Novel Cell Signaling Molecules
03/23/2015  Andrew D. McCulloch, PhD, Multi-Scale Modeling of the Failing Heart: From Mouse to Human
03/16/2015  Jianmin Gao, PhD, Targeting Membrane Lipids with Synthetic Molecules
03/09/2015  Jyoti Watters, PhD, CANCELED: Epigenetic regulation of microglial activities by intermittent hypoxia
03/02/2015  David A. Harris, MD, PhD, Prion Protein Neurotoxic Pathways
02/23/2015  Sokol Todi, PhD, Keeping the enemy at bay: Preventing neurotoxicity in polyglutamine-depedent spinocerebellar ataxias
02/02/2015  Wolfgang Peti, PhD, Understanding the specificity of phosphatases
01/26/2015  Baron Chanda, PhD, Thermodynamic insights into voltage-dependent gating of ion channels
12/15/2014  J. Kevin Foskett, PhD, CALHM ion channels: How taste cells lacking synapses mediate neurotransmission
12/08/2014  Daniel J. Leahy, PhD, Molecular Basis of EGFR/HER2 Signaling and ErbB-targeted Cancer Therapies
12/02/2014  Andrew P. Hinck, PhD, Structural studies of TGF-beta superfamily signaling proteins: New insights into diversification of function and new strategies for treating diseases caused by aberrant superfamily signaling
12/01/2014  Monte S. Willis, MD, PhD, MBA, FCAP, FAHA, The role of Muscle Ring Finger (MuRF) proteins in the regulation of diabetic cardiomyopathy and metabolism in vivo
11/24/2014  Jaideep Bains, PhD, Temporal window for metaplasticity following stress
11/17/2014  Peter J. Thomas, PhD, Measuring edge importance: a quantitative analysis of the stochastic shielding approximation for random processes on graphs
11/10/2014  Xiao-Jiang Li, MD, PhD, Transgenic animal models of neurodegenerative diseases
11/03/2014  Bin Zhang, PhD, The role of the early secretory pathway in health and diseases
10/27/2014  Edwin R. Chapman, PhD, Fusion pore structure, and factors that control the kinetics of synaptic transmission
10/20/2014  Vasanthi Jayaraman, PhD, Moving and grooving of glutamate receptors
10/13/2014  Anthony L. Auerbach, PhD, Ligand Binding, Channel Gating and Energy Change in a Synaptic Receptor
10/06/2014  Arun Anantharam, PhD, The regulation of secretory granule fusion and fusion modes in the adrenal chromaffin cell
10/01/2014  Yoram Rudy, Arrhythmogenic substrates and arrhythmia mechanism in the human heart &ndash;insights from noninvasive mapping in patients
10/01/2014  Elizabeth McNally, The genetic landscape of cardiomyopathy
10/01/2014  Mark E. Dunlap, MD, Matthew Levy: The Gentleman Researcher
10/01/2014  Michael R.S. Hill, PhD, MBA, Fundamentals of autonomic modulation applied as a new therapy for heart failure in medical devices
10/01/2014  Donald M. Bers, Calcium regulation and signaling in cardiac myocytes in health and disease
10/01/2014  Julian E. Stelzer, PhD, Integrative control of cardiac muscle contraction
10/01/2014  François M. Abboud, Autonomic neural regulation of immune system: Implications for hypertension
09/22/2014  E. Yvonne Jones, DPhil, FMedSci, Surface assemblies in cell guidance signalling systems
09/15/2014  Hiromi Sesaki, PhD, Mitochondrial dynamics in the brain and heart
09/08/2014  Manolis Doxastakis, MSc, PhD, Protein association in lipid membranes
05/12/2014  Eric M Small, PhD, Transcriptional Regulation of Cardiac Remodeling
05/05/2014  Benjamin M Gaston, MD, Respiratory physiology of S-nitrosothiol-based signaling molecules
05/01/2014  Christian Aalkjaer, MD, Ca2+ activated Cl- channels in smooth muscle
04/24/2014  Christopher M Dobson, FRS, The Amyloid Phenomenon and its Significance
04/22/2014  Ruisheng Liu, MD, PhD, A novel renal mechanism for salt-sensitive hypertension
04/21/2014  Bernard (Bob) Gutin, PhD, How can youths develop lean and healthy bodies? A new perspective
04/14/2014  Douglas A. Bayliss, PhD, Regulation of cellular excitability by modulation of background channels: mechanisms and physiological roles
04/07/2014  Robert K. Nakamoto, PhD, How Gram negative bacteria eat: permeation through the outer membrane
03/31/2014  Merritt Maduke, PhD, Structural Dynamics of CLC Transporters
03/24/2014  Michael Regnier, PhD, How Do You Mend a Broken Heart: Mechanistic and Translational Studies of Cardiac Muscle Contraction
03/17/2014  Jonathan H. Lin, MD, PhD, Mechanisms of Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress-Induced Cell Death and Pathology
03/10/2014  Jason Mears, PhD, Structural studies of Drp1 self-assembly provide insights into the mechanism of mitochondrial fission
03/03/2014  Saptarsi M. Haldar, MD, Targeting Chromatin Dependent Signaling in Heart Failure
02/24/2014  Mark A. Lemmon, PhD, Diversity of Signaling Mechanisms in the Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Family
02/03/2014  Daniel L. Minor, Jr., PhD, Structural and chemical biology studies of ion channels
01/27/2014  P. Hemachandra Reddy, PhD, Mitochondrial Damage and Neurodegenerative Diseases
01/13/2014  Allen W. Cowley, Jr., PhD, Role of O2- and H2O2 production in the regulation of medullary blood flow, NaCl excretion and blood pressure
11/25/2013  Tobias Baumgart, PhD, Membrane interaction mechanisms and curvature sorting of BAR domain proteins
11/18/2013  Donald E. Kohan, MD, PhD, New insights into control of renal collecting duct fluid and electrolyte transport
11/11/2013  Derek Taylor, PhD, Structural and Biophysical Analysis of Telomere Assembly and Chromosome End Protection
11/04/2013  William Skach, MD, From GFP to CFTR: Cotranslational Protein Folding in Cystic Fibrosis
10/28/2013  Lisa M. Ellerby, PhD, What Can Stem Cells Tell us About Huntington's Disease
10/21/2013  Anant Parekh, PhD, Store-operated calcium channels; gating and function
10/14/2013  Michael Decker, PhD, RN, RRM, Diplomate ABSM, Hypoxia-induced dopaminergic dysfunction contributes to behavioral and executive impairment
10/07/2013  Erik J. Henriksen, PhD, Role of the Renin-Angiotensin-System in the Etiology of Insulin Resistance in Skeletal Muscle
09/30/2013  Jenny E. Hinshaw, PhD, A dynamin mutant defines a super-constricted pre-fission step
09/23/2013  John T Williams, PhD, Can a kinetic approach be used to understand acute opioid receptor desensitization?
09/16/2013  Robert Hsiu-Ping Chow, MD, PhD, Stimulus-secretion coupling in neuroendocrine cells
09/09/2013  Frank Jacono, MD, Ventilatory pattern variability following acute lung injury: Insights into central mechanisms and clinical implications
08/04/2013  Christian Aalkjaer, MD, rbc test sem
05/13/2013  Joseph C. Wu, PhD, MD, iPSCs for Cardiac Disease Modeling and Drug Screening
05/07/2013  Bing-Cheng Wang, EphA2 Paradox: Oncogene or Tumor Suppressor Gene?
05/06/2013  John E. Hall, PhD, Pathophysiology of Hypertension in Obesity/Metabolic Syndrome
04/29/2013  John J. Lemasters, MD, PhD, Iron Translocation from Lysosomes to Mitochondria in Oxidative Stress-Induced Injury
04/12/2013  L. Gabriel Navar, PhD, The Intratubular Renin-Angiotensin System in Hypertension
04/08/2013  Christopher Miller, PhD, Your precious bodily fluids: Channels and transporters counteracting fluoride toxicity
04/01/2013  James J. Chou, PhD, Molecular basis of UCP2 driven proton transport
03/25/2013  James U. Bowie, PhD, How do membrane proteins fold?
03/18/2013  Gabriela K. Popescu, PhD, NMDA receptors: learning from singles
03/11/2013  Augustine Choi, MD, Title to be announced (date changed from 2/25/13)
03/04/2013  Richard J. Youle, PhD, The role of E3 ligase Parkin and the kinase PINK1 in mitophagy and Parkinson's disease
02/27/2013  Mariela Mendez, PhD, Molecular Regulation of Renin Release: Role of SNAREs
02/11/2013  Gordon Mitchell, PhD, Spinal motor plasticity following intermittent hypoxia: implications for spinal injury" (PLEASE NOTE SPECIAL TIME)
01/30/2013  José L. Barneo, PhD, MD, The carotid body; an oxygen-sensitive neurogenic niche
01/28/2013  Jian-Ping "J-P" Jin, PhD, Troponin Regulation and Cardiac Function
12/03/2012  Yibin Wang, PhD, From Molecules to Systems Biology for Cardiac Development and Diseases
11/19/2012  William J. "Bill" Evans, PhD, Skeletal Muscle as a Target for Drug Discovery: New Indications for Aging and Cachexia
11/14/2012  Eduardo A. Perozo, PhD, Structural Basis of Voltage-Dependent Gating
11/05/2012  Robert Edwards, MD, The Origin of Synaptic Vesicle Pools
10/29/2012  Toshinori Hoshi, PhD, Fish oil and calcium-dependent potassium channels
10/22/2012  Christopher N. Wyatt, PhD, The role for AMP-activated protein kinase in the acute hypoxic ventilatory response
10/15/2012  Michael Jennings, PhD, Some Lessons about Transport from Sulfur Assimilation in Yeast
10/01/2012  Natalia A. Trayanova, PhD, Modeling Cardiac Function and Dysfunctionlation Targets
09/24/2012  Eric Delpire, PhD, Ste20 and WNK kinases in the regulation of Na+-(K+)-Cl- transport
09/17/2012  Frederick J. Sigworth, PhD, Cryo-EM study of a membrane protein in a membrane: the BK potassium channel
09/10/2012  Sharon Campbell, PhD, Ubiquitin and Redox-mediated Posttranslational Modification of Ras Regulates Ras Activity
09/07/2012  R. Ryan Geyer, PhD, Role of membrane proteins in oxygen transport in red blood cells
09/07/2012  Xue Qin, PhD, Structure determinants for CO2 transport of human aquaporin 5
09/07/2012  Rossana Occhipinti, PhD, Mathematical modeling of gas movements in an oocyte
09/06/2012  Emad Tajkhorshid, PhD, Visualizing gas permeation pathways through proteins at sub-Angstrom Resolution
09/06/2012  Robert Stroud, PhD, Gas Channels Workshop
09/06/2012  David Weiner, Role of Rh glycoproteins in gas transport–lessons from in vitro model systems
09/06/2012  Gerolf Gros, Measuring cellular CO2 permeability by 18O exchange-methodology and results on red blood cells
09/06/2012  Bhanu Jena, Involvement of elevated membrane cholesterol on G-protein regulated water and gas transport in biological membranes
09/06/2012  Volker Endeward, Intrinsic CO2 permeability of cell membranes and effect of cholesterol and aquaporin
09/06/2012  Walter F. Boron, MD, PhD, Gas Channels
09/06/2012  Jeffrey L. Garvin, PhD, NO transport by aquaporin 1
05/07/2012  Blair Geho, MD, PhD, The role of insulin in regulating hepatic glucose storage in type 1 diabetes mellitus
04/30/2012  Shai Silberberg, PhD, Architecture of the Pore and Gating Motions in P2X Receptor Channels
04/02/2012  Holger Sondermann, PhD, Molecular Mechanisms of Membrane Deformation
03/19/2012  Lukas K. Tamm, PhD, Assembly of the synaptic exocytotic fusion machine
03/05/2012  Julie A Theriot, PhD, Mechanics and Dynamics of Cell Motility
02/20/2012  Charles Kunos, Ribonucleotide redactase inhibitors in oncology
02/13/2012  Jeffrey Brodsky, Molecular chaperones, protein quality control, and conformational diseases
02/06/2012  Jeffrey S. Abramson, Crystal structures of vSGLT: reveal mechanism of Na+/Sugar cotransport
01/30/2012  Benjamin D. Humphreys, Cellular Mechanisms of Kidney Repair and Fibrosis: Implications for Regenerative Medicine
01/09/2012  Anne Hamik, KLF4 and Angiogenesis
12/19/2011  David Chan, Physiological functions of mitochondrial dynamics
12/12/2011  Bruce Bean, Spontaneous electrical activity of mammalian central neurons
11/28/2011  Martin E. Young, Timing Is Everything – Emerging Roles for the Cardiomyocyte Circadian Clock
11/21/2011  Aurelio Galli, How the Big GULP Cures the Fat Brain: Striatal Insulin Resistance and GLP-1 Signaling
10/31/2011  Henk Granzier, Role of titin in muscle function and disease
10/17/2011  R. John Solaro, Signaling to and from Cardiac Sarcomeres
10/10/2011  Mitchell Chesler, Regulation and Modulation of Extracellular pH & Its Impact on Excitatory Synaptic Transmission
10/03/2011  Michael F. Romero, Stoned flies, cystic fibrosis and glaucoma: Roles of bicarbonate transporting membrane proteins
09/26/2011  Manfred Lindau, How SNAREs open the fusion pore
09/19/2011  Theresa Torres Pizarro, Epithelial-Immune Cell Interactions in the Pathogenesis of Experimental Crohn’s Disease
09/12/2011  Peter M. MacFarlane, Physiological responses to intermittent hypoxia
06/01/2011  Raif Musa Aziz, CO2 and NH3 transport through Aquaporins and Rh proteins expressed in Xenopus oocytes
05/16/2011  Sichun Yang, Integrative Approaches into Multidomain Protein Assemblies
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