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Post Degree Occupations

Post Degree Occupations

The success of our graduate program can be measured by the professional occupations of our graduates.

  • Approximately 45% of our graduate have continued into a research oriented career as post-docs first and then faculty at private institutions (e.g. CCF, MIT, Darthmouth University, University of Houston, etc), or undergraduate teaching colleges (e.g. Ursuline, Hiram, Ashland, Cleveland State University, etc.), or High Schools (Laurel HS).
  • About one third of our graduates have entered different career paths including working in Public Health think-tanks, cardiac pace-makers development laboratories, biomedical insurance companies, or establishing their own private biotech company.
  • The reminder of our graduates are working as medical liaison for pharmaceutical companies including Astra-Zeneca, Gentech, or Takeda, or in grant writing offices at different institutions, in scientific publishing companies, or as officers in scientific agencies or organizations.

This variety of professional opportunities available to our graduates strongly suggests that our PhD program provides the appropriate knowledge and know-how for our graduate to enter the most diverse professional careers based upon their individual aspirations.