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    Hsp90 localization in renal epithelia

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    Localization of myosin binding protein-C (MyBPC) in the cardiac sarcomere

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    Digital reconstruction of axonal pathways

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    Join Our PhD Program and do Groundbreaking Research

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    Join our program and get your Masters of Science in Medical Physiology

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    Na+-K+ ATPase in the basolateral membranes of mouse proximal tubules

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    Functional analysis of the perfused rat heart

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    Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) in nerves after moderate hypoxia

Educational Programs: MS in Medical Physiology & PhD
  • George R. Dubyak, PhD

    George R. Dubyak, PhD

  • Jeffrey L. Garvin, PhD

    Jeffrey L. Garvin, PhD

  • Witold K. Surewicz, PhD

    Witold K. Surewicz, PhD

  • Xin Qi, PhD

    Xin Qi, PhD

  • Kui Xu, MD, PhD

    Kui Xu, MD, PhD

  • Corey Smith, PhD

    Corey Smith, PhD

  • Jessica C. Taylor, PhD

    Jessica C. Taylor, PhD

  • Patrick Osei-Owusu, PhD, FAHA

    Patrick Osei-Owusu, PhD, FAHA

  • Michael J. Decker, PhD

    Michael J. Decker, PhD

  • Andrea Romani, MD, PhD

    Andrea Romani, MD, PhD

  • Rossana Occhipinti, PhD

    Rossana Occhipinti, PhD

  • Rajesh Ramachandran, PhD

    Rajesh Ramachandran, PhD

  • Agustin Gonzalez-Vicente, PhD

    Agustin Gonzalez-Vicente, PhD

  • Erika N Allen, PhD

    Erika N Allen, PhD

  • Xinghong Dai, PhD

    Xinghong Dai, PhD

  • Sudha Chakrapani, PhD

    Sudha Chakrapani, PhD

  • Julian E. Stelzer, PhD

    Julian E. Stelzer, PhD

  • Nami Tajima

    Nami Tajima

  • Matthias Buck

    Matthias Buck

  • Walter F. Boron, MD, PhD

    Walter F. Boron, MD, PhD

  • Fraser J. Moss, PhD

    Fraser J. Moss, PhD

  • Tingwei Mu, PhD

    Tingwei Mu, PhD

Research Mission
Our research mission benefits from a rare combination of faculty who address important translational problems in physiology and biophysics across a broad spectrum of integration—from the level of the atomic structure of molecules, through living cells and organ systems, and up to the whole organism. The major programmatic foci of our research are cardiovascular, renal, and neuronal function in health and disease.
Educational Mission
Our educational mission is to utilize a rigorous curriculum with faculty advising services, access to a wide range of enrichment opportunities in Cleveland's healthcare hub community and extend it to the tremendous success of our graduates. The Physiology and Biophysics Department offers two training programs: One that leads to a PhD degree in Physiology and Biophysics that predomintantly weighs on the underlying diseases of the brain, heart, and kidneys. The second program a Master of Science in Medical Physiology was developed to help students become more competitive applicants to medical school, dental school, and other professional clinical programs.
Events / Deadlines
Upcoming Talks
Tija C. Jacob, PhD
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Tija C. Jacob, PhD
Oct. 10, 2022
4 p.m. - 5 p.m.

School of Medicine E501

Roger A. Nicoll, MD
University of California – San Francisco School of Medicine
Roger A. Nicoll, MD
Oct. 12, 2022
4 p.m. - 5 p.m.

School of Medicine 5th floor Bridge