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Jason Gestwicki, PhD
Associate Professor
University of California, San Francisco
PhD, University of Wisconsin

Mailing Address:
San Francisco , CA

Research Interests

The Gestwicki Laboratory is interested in how molecular chaperones regulate protein folding and homeostasis. They discover and develop new chemical probes that they use to disrupt chaperone function, revealing how these factors are involved in the triage of misfolded proteins. Misfolded proteins are known to accumulate in many disorders, including neurodegenerative diseases. Thus, by better understanding the roles of molecular chaperones in disease, the Gestwicki group hopes to identify new opportunities for drug discovery. Ultimately, they are working towards rebalancing protein homeostasis as a new treatment for neurodegenerative disorders.

In their quest to understand chaperone function, the Gestwicki group primarily uses high throughput screening, molecular design, protein biochemistry and organic synthesis. They are particularly interested in finding ways of perturbing the function of traditionally “undruggable” proteins, by targeting protein-protein interactions and allosteric sites.



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