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Zhaozhu Qiu, PhD
Assistant Professor
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
PhD, Lab of Stephen Goff, Ph.D., Columbia University in the City of New York
BMed, Shandong University (China)

Mailing Address:
Baltimore , MD

Research Interests

Ion channel, neurological disease, electrophysiology, functional genomics, sensory neuroscience

Chloride is the most abundant free negatively charged ion in the body. Chloride channels are cell-membrane embedded proteins, allowing the movement of chloride in and out of the cells. Defects in chloride fluxes are responsible for many human disorders, including cystic fibrosis, one of the most common genetic disease. However, we know little about some of these mysterious gate-keepers. The Qiu Lab employs a multi-disciplinary approach including high-throughput functional genomics, cell and brain slice electrophysiology, biochemistry, and mouse genetics to discover novel ion channels, elucidate their physiological role, and aim to target them in diseases, such as ischemic stroke, epilepsy and glioma.


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