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Michelle A. Puchowicz, PhD
Assistant Professor and Director, Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Center Analytical and Metabolic Core
Case Western Reserve University
PhD, Nutritional Biochemistry, Case Western Reserve University
MS, Nutritional Biochemistry, Case Western Reserve University
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Mailing Address:
Biomedical Research Building - BRB 927
2109 Adelbert Rd.
Cleveland , OH 44106
Phone: 216-368-2501
Fax: 216-368-6560

Research Interests

Metabolomics; brain and body energy metabolism; regulation of fatty acid, ketone body and glucose metabolism; mass spectrometry

As a faculty member in the Department of Nutrition at CASE, Dr. Puchowicz continues to study energy metabolism in whole body and brain. She is experienced in using in vivo animal models and stable isotopomer analysis to study intermediary metabolism. The use of rodent models, synthetic nutrients / related nutritional compounds and mass spectrometry technologies enables her to study and develop potential treatment strategies for the management of pathologies/diseases associated with metabolic defects in energetics and metabolism.

As the Director of the Metabolomic and Analytical Core of the Case MMPC (Metabolic Phenotyping Center), Dr. Puchowicz spends a substantial amount of time consulting with investigators (local, outside the University, and abroad).  As such, she discusses ways to design their experiments, perform procedures and complete analyses.  Fitting with the overall mission of the National MMPC Consortium, Michelle Puchowicz is committed to helping the research community at-large by providing precise metabolic and physiologic phenotyping services for mouse and rat models of diabetes, diabetic complications, obesity and others associated metabolic disorders.


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