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Research Opportunities

Research Opportunities

The Department of Physiology and Biophysics offers a wide range of research opportunities and summer internships to high school students, undergraduates, postdoctoral fellows, staff scientists and research assistant professors. For the research conducted in the various laboratories in the department check

Depending on your interests and career stage, please select the appropriate link:

  1. For Community Outreach activities: see
  2. For High School Students looking for part-time projects or summer internships: contact individual faculty at
  3. For Case Undergraduate Students interested in senior thesis projects or part-time research involvement: see
  4. For Summer Research Internships for Undergraduate Students at Case or other institutions: see (Please note that number of positions available for the Summer 2016 will be limited).
  5. For Post-baccalaureate Students interested in Research Assistant positions in a lab: check job postings at Case’s Human Resources department at, or contact individual investigators
  6. For MD/PhD Graduate Students interested in lab rotations: see the MST program
  7. For MD Students interested in research opportunities: see the Physician Scientist Training Program
  8. For PhD Graduate Students interested in lab rotations: see our graduate programs at
  9. For Postdoctoral Fellows interested in Postdoctoral Research positions: contact individual investigators, see
  10. For Research Assistants and Staff: see job postings at Case’s HR department at
  11. For visiting scientists: internships and sabbaticals should be arranged with individual faculty, see