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Kiattawee Choowongkomon, PhD
Associate Professor
Kasetsart University
PhD, Cell Physiology, Case Western Reserve University
MSc, Biochemistry, Lehigh University
BSc, Biochemistry, Chulalongkorn University (Bangkok)

Mailing Address:
Bangkok, Thailand

Research Interests

Computer-aided Drug Discovery

The Choowongkomon lab aims use molecular docking method to identify new inhibitors against tyrosine kinases for anti-cancer and several important vital enzymes.

Biophysics for Protein Structure Characterization

The lab has used several biophysical techniques to study biomolecules and cells, such as NMR, Synchrotron light, SPR, ITC

Nanobody and Aptamer based Biosensor

The lab uses the phage display technique for new nanobody and SELEX for new aptamer for developing Biosensor.


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