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Peter Libby, MD
Mallinckrodt Professor of Medicine and Cardiovascular Specialist
Brigham and Women's Hospital / Harvard Medical School
MD, University of California-San Diego School of Medicine

Mailing Address:
Boston , MA
Phone: 617-732-8086
Fax: 617-264-5111

Research Interests

Major Research Interests:

  • Cell and molecular biology of vascular smooth muscle and endothelial cells
  • Immune and inflammatory aspects of vascular functions and pathogenesis of blood vessel diseases
  • Mechanisms of growth regulation of vascular wall cells
  • Atherogenesis and mechanisms of arterial hyperplastic diseases

Dr. Peter Libby's research interest is vascular biology with special reference to atherogenesis. His group studies normal and abnormal function of smooth muscle and endothelial cells using the tools of biochemistry and cell and molecular biology. Two major themes of investigation include the control of smooth muscle cell proliferation and the immune and inflammatory functions of blood vessel wall cells. Specific projects currently underway include basic investigation of the regulation of gene expression in vascular endothelial and smooth muscle cells, and study of the cellular mechanisms of atherogenesis as well as coronary restenosis and transplant-associated arteriosclerosis.

In addition to probing the basic mechanisms of important arterial diseases, the studies underway in these laboratories may help to understand how modern medications used to treat high cholesterol and other risk factors for heart disease may produce their benefit. Such studies may also point to new targets for developing therapies to lessen further the burden of the heart and blood vessels, stroke, and peripheral vascular disease.



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