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Jay Dean, PhD
University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine
PhD, Physiology, Ohio State University
MS, Respiration Physiology, Michigan Technological University
BS, Biology, Central Michigan University

Mailing Address:
Tampa , FL

Research Interests

The Dean laboratory studies the effects of O2, CO2 and barometric pressure on the function of the mammalian CNS, with an emphasis on the cardio-respiratory and gastro-esophageal control systems. Ongoing research focuses on understanding how hyperoxia and hypercapnia interact to generate reactive O2 and N2 species that, in turn, activate neuronal activity in the brain stem. This research has relevance to understanding normal and abnormal function in cardio-respiratory control during periods of disordered breathing, environmental stresses, and in understanding neurological problems arising from the use of hyperoxia in clinical medicine and combat operations. The lab is particularly interested in the following: 1) neurophysiology of CNS oxygen toxicity (seizures); 2) understanding how CO2 and H-ions are “sensed” by chemoreceptor neurons in the caudal brain stem; and 3) understanding how gastro-esophageal CO2 ventilation supplements pulmonary ventilation during chronic respiratory acidosis.




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