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Dimitar Nikolov, PhD
Member and Head of Laboratory
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
PhD, Molecular Biophysics, Rockefeller University
MSc, Physics, Sofia University

Mailing Address:
1275 York Avenue
New York , NY 10065
Phone: 212-639-6784

Research Interests

Structural biologist Dimitar Nikolov focuses on the structural, biophysical, and biochemical characterization of the molecular mechanisms of cell-cell interactions and signal transduction in the nervous system.

Research in the Nikolov laboratory aims to characterize the molecular mechanisms underlying cell-to-cell interactions and signal transduction across the cell membrane. The lab is particularly interested in understanding how receptors located on the surface of developing axons and neurons interact with extracellular ligands to guide the development of the nervous system and the wiring of the brain.

In its investigations, the Nikolov Lab uses X-ray crystallography combined with other biophysical, biochemical, and cell biological approaches.  Some of the ligand/receptor signaling systems that the Lab currently studies include ephrins/Eph receptors, netrins/DCC/Unc5, NogoR/Nogo and angiopoietins/Ties. Recently the Nikolov Lab also became interested in how henipaviruses interact and fuse with target cells.






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