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Joongkyu Park, PhD
Assistant Professor
Wayne State University School of Medicine
PhD, Biology, Yonsei University (Seoul, South Korea)
BS, Biochemistry, Yonsei University

Mailing Address:
Detriot , MI

Research Interests

The brain stores, retrieves, and erases information every single moment to mediate the organisms’ successful interaction with the environment. It is now widely considered that these functions are mediated by selective strengthening and weakening of synaptic connections (termed ‘synaptic plasticity’). Dr. Park’s research goals are to understand those long-lasting synaptic changes at the molecular level. In particular, his main focus is to understand postsynaptic molecular dynamics responsible for memory acquisition, consolidation, and extinction. He has extensive experience in studying native neurotransmitter receptor complexes and their post-translational modifications from in vivo brains.


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