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J. Michelle Kahlenberg, MD, PhD
Giles G. Bole, M.D. and Dorothy Mulkey, M.D. Research Professor of Rheumatology / Associate Professor in of Rheumatology
University of Michigan Medical School
PhD, Molecular Mechanisms of Disease, Case Western Reserve University
MD, Case Western Reserve University
BS, Biology, Denison University

Mailing Address:
Ann Arbor , MI

Research Interests

The Kahlenberg research group works to understand how patients with autoimmunity go from being stable to being very sick. The group uses many models to determine how triggers like skin bacteria or ultraviolet light can stimulate the immune system to go into over-drive and cause damage. Areas of research include:

  • The effects of ultraviolet light on lupus skin
  • Triggers for flares in lupus patients and lupus-prone mice
  • Effects of microbiome on skin inflammation in lupus patients
  • Bioinformatic approaches to uncovering novel biomarkers and therapies for lupus patients
  • Comparisons of cutaneous lupus to other skin diseases


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