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The members of the Department of Physiology and Biophysics perform research related to a wide range of human genes that may be involved in diseases. The following is a list (still not fully populated) of those genes and the people who work on them. Feel free to contact the listed faculty members if you require further information.

ADRA2A (Alpha adrenergic receptor 2)
alpha adrenergic receptor subtype 2
APOL1 (Apolipoprotein L1)
Alpha-adrenergic receptor (AAR1A)
alpha adrenergic receptor subtype 1A
Carbonic Anydrase 12 CAR2 (CA II)
Carbonic Anhydrase 2 CAR4 (CA IV)
Carbonic Anydrase 4 CAR9 (CA IX)
Carbonic Anydrase 9 CFTR (CFTR)
Cystic fibrosis transmembrane regulator
Clathrin heavy chain (Clathrin)
Clathrin heavy-chain
Clpp ()
Clpp ()
DNM2 (Dynamin 2)
dynamin 2
Dynamin-related protein 1 (Drp1)
EEA1 (early endosome antigen 1)
Human early endosome antigen 1
Eln ()
GRIN1 (None)
None GRIN2A (None)
None GRIN2A (None)
GRIN2B (None)
None Gi/o ()
Gq/11 ()
Gs ()
KCNH2 ()
Lysosomal-asspcoated ,e,brame [rpteom 2
NKCC1 (Na-K-2Cl cotransporter)
Basolateral bumetanide-sensitive Na-Cl-K cotransporter
Receptor Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase gamma PTPRZ (RPTPz)
Receptor Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase zeta RAB5A (RAB 5A)
RAS concogen family RAB 5A
RGS2 ()
Regulator of G protein signaling RGS4 ()
RGS5 ()
SLC4A1 (AE1)
Anion Exchanger 1 (Cl-HCO3 exchanger) SLC4A10 (NBCn2 (NCBE))
Electroneutral Sodium Bicarbonate Cotransporter 2 SLC4A11 (BTR1)
(possibly a Borate Transporter) SLC4A2 (AE2)
Anion Exchanger 2 (Cl-HCO3 exchanger) SLC4A3 (AE3)
Anion Exchanger 3 (Cl-HCO3 exchanger) SLC4A4 (NBCe1)
Electrogenic Sodium Bicarbonate Cotransporter 1 SLC4A5 (NBCe2)
Electrogenic Sodiium Bicarbonate Cotransporter 2 SLC4A7 (NBCn1)
Electroneutral Sodium Bicarbonate Cotransporter 1 SLC4A8 (NDCBE)
Sodium-driven Chloride-Bicarbonate Cotransporter SLC4A9 (AE4)
(possibly an Sodium Bicarbonate Cotransporter) TRP ()
TRPC1 ()
TRPC3 ()
TRPC6 ()
valosin-containing protein (VCP)