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Jianmin Gao, PhD
Associate Professor and Chair, Graduate Chemistry Studies
Boston College
PhD, Chemistry, Stanford University

Mailing Address:
(617) 552-0326
Fax: 617-552-2705

Research Interests

The Gao lab works in the general areas of organic chemistry and chemical biology. Specifically, the lab interested in understanding and ultimately gaining control over the functions of cell membranes. As a defining feature of a cell, the cell membrane hosts close to one third of the entire proteome and mediates numerous signaling pathways. The Gao lab uses organic synthesis to create novel peptides and peptidomimetics that functionally mimic natural membrane proteins, including channel formers and lipid-targeting proteins. Research activities as such allow the lab to elucidate new chemical principles of protein-membrane interactions. Synthetic molecules that are active on biomembranes may also serve as novel antibiotics and tumor imaging agents.



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