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Jeanne C. Stachowiak, PhD
Associate Professor
University of Texas at Austin
PhD, Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley
MS, Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley
BSME, Mechanical Engineering, University of Texas at Austin

Mailing Address:
Austin , TX

Research Interests

Biological membranes, biophysics, and drug delivery

Professor Stachowiak is interested in the biophysical mechanisms that underlie the function of lipid membranes in cells, as well as the opportunity to create bio-inspired materials and systems that borrow these mechanisms. Her laboratory develops new lipid membrane substrates and lipid-encapsulated systems and examines them using advanced microfluidic and fluorescence microscopy tools. By reconstructing membranes from component parts, her work seeks to capture the minimal requirements of specific membrane functions. Themes of her work include: Understanding how proteins and lipid domains modify the fluidity, reactivity, and 3D architecture of membranes, Examining how confinement within a lipid vesicle influences biochemical reactions and spatial organization of biochemical components and Using the organizational principles of the lipid membrane to build functional systems such as assays, drug carriers, and environmentally responsive materials.


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