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Ryan Hibbs, PhD
Effie Marie Cain Scholar in Medical Research and an Assistant Professor of Neuroscience and Biophysics
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
PhD, Biomedical Sciences-Pharmacology, University of California – San Diego School of Medicine
BA, Chemistry-Biochemistry, Whitman College

Mailing Address:
Dallas , TX

Research Interests

  • Ion channel structure-function
  • Ligand recognition
  • Membrane protein structural biology

The Hibbs lab is pursuing atomic-scale mechanisms of synaptic proteins, with a current focus on ligand-gated ion channel structure and function. The lab is fascinated by how these complex molecules respond to binding of a small chemical neurotransmitter by triggering the opening of an intrinsic ion conduction pathway >50 Å away. This conformational conversion allows for diffusion-limited rates of ion flux and occurs on the millisecond timescale. The lab further seeks to probe mechanisms of ion selectivity and allosteric modulation, with a long term goal of better informing rational therapeutic design for neurological disorders and addiction. It employs a multidisciplinary approach encompassing molecular biology, protein biochemistry, pharmacology, x-ray crystallography, cryo-electron microscopy and electrophysiology. Recent work from the lab has explored structural biology of heteromeric nicotinic receptors and GABAA receptors both by crystallographic and cryo-EM approaches.


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