Physiology & Biophysics



Our staff includes the administrators who help make our lives easier and the researchers who help make our science a reality; both groups work in harmony with the faculty, postdoctoral personnel, and students.

The Administrative Staff, lead by our business manager, Morley Schwebel, handles everything from finances and grant administration, to graduate students, seminars, and the annual department retreat.

Each member of our Research Staff is assigned an individual laboratory within the department at which they perform their designated research.

Administrative Staff

Morley Schwebel
Administrative Manager

Suzanne C Foss
Department Assistant 3

Bart Jarmusch
Manager of Graduate Education

Michael Little
Department Assistant 2

Rosalyn R. Mishler
Assistant to the Chairman

Benjamin Reece
Assistant Manager of Graduate Education

Garth Wadleigh
Grants and Accounting Specialist

Steven Webster
IUPS Manager

Paul Zawolowycz
Information Technology Specialist
IT Support

Research Staff

Gerald T. Babcock
Research Assistant 4
Boron Lab
Lab Management

Shufen Cao, PhD
Research Assistant 3

Shyue-An Chan
Senior Research Associate
Smith Lab
Autonomic stress response.

Xiaoqin Chen
Research Assistant 3

Yinghua Chen, PhD
Research Associate
Core Facility Manager

Margaret Finesilver
Research Assistant 2

Agustin Gonzalez-Vicente
Research Associate

Nancy Hong
Senior Research Associate

Dale E. Huffman
Analyst Programmer 4
Boron Lab
Software/Hardware Design

Soon-Jeung Kim
Research Assistant 3

Casandra Monzon, PhD
Research Associate

Jeannine Muller-Greven
Research Assistant 3

Jacob Popple
Research Assistant 1
Boron Lab
Research Assistant

Xu Qi, PhD
Research Associate

Thomas S. Radford
Research Assistant 2
Boron Lab
Colony Management

Xiaoyan Sun
Research Assistant 3
Qi Lab
Lab management and maintainence of animal models

Krystyna Surewicz, PhD
Senior Research Associate

Amanda B. Wass, PhD
Research Assistant 3
Boron Lab
Protein Expression, Purification, and Crystallization

Xiao Xiangzhu
Research Associate

Brian S. Zeise
Research Assistant 3
Boron Lab
Sodium Coupled Bicarbonate Transporter Physiology and Biophysics