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PhD Program Description

Program Description

Our research programs span broad areas allowing PhD students to be engaged in studying a variety of questions about the physiology and biophysical mechanisms of normal processes in the cardiovascular, neuronal and renal systems as well as about diseases that affects these systems, including cancer. We use a variety of tools including structural biology, molecular medicine, cell biology and electrophysiology.

Students can enter the Physiology and Biophysics PhD program by applying directly (direct admit) or through the Case Western Biomedical Sciences Training Program (BSTP) or the Structural Biology and Biophysics Training Program (SBB-TP). Candidates should apply in late fall or early winter for enrollment the following July. Preference will be given to students who have applied by February 1.

To apply students should submit a completed application form, three letters of recommendation, official undergraduate transcripts and when applicable official TOEFL scores. Students that do not have extensive prior training in biology/biochemistry can apply but must possess strong grades in undergraduate courses such as mathematics, physics and chemistry.

Upon entering the program, all students complete the required first year course work that includes a basic Curriculum in Cell and Molecular Biology as well as two required core classes – a recently revised integrated course in Physiology and Biophysics which emphasizes key concepts in molecular biophysics, and a Systems Physiology course that emphasizes core aspects of physiology and their relationships to disease. Students complete their rotations during the fall term so they can quickly identify and join a thesis lab to begin their doctoral research.  Course work will be essentially complete in the second year with a number of elective courses. Every student has a thesis committee that meets bi-annually and we aim to graduate students within 6 years of entering the program.

All full time PhD students receive a competitive stipend (increased to $30,500 as of July, 2019), health insurance, and all academic tuition fees are waived. No teaching is required of our students, allowing doctoral candidates to focus on their research.

Apply to the Physiology and Biophysics PhD Graduate Program.


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