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Department Committees

The Department of Physiology and Biophysics maintains multiple standing committees to cover specific functions in support of education, research and infrastructure within the department. These committees are listed here with roster and contact information provided.

Seminar committee

The Department hosts a weekly seminar series in which notable scientists from across the country are invited to present current research to the University community. The Seminar Committee administers this series, soliciting nominations, inviting and scheduling speakers. Current committee membership and contact information is provided below.

Nami Tajima, PhD

Nami Tajima, PhD

Assistant Professor
Tajima Lab
Molecular Basis of Synaptic Transmission 
Robbins E619
216-368-5519 (office) 216-368-5586 (fax)

Tingwei Mu, PhD

Tingwei Mu, PhD

Associate Professor
Mu Lab
Proteostasis maintenance of membrane proteins in health and disease
Robbins E513
216-368-0750 (office) 216-368-5586 (fax)

Xinghong Dai, PhD

Xinghong Dai, PhD

Assistant Professor
Dai Lab
Structure-aided antiviral drug discovery and vaccine design.
Robbins E610
216-368-5131 (office) 216-368-3952 (fax)