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Manager: Gerald T. Babcock
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 216-368-4766
Manager: Kui Xu, MD, PhD
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 216-368-5950
Availablility: By Availability

This is a STAT Arteriel Blood Gas analysis system that provides full blood gas analysis along with a blood chemistry profile.  

  • Parameters: pH, pCO2, pO2, Hct, Na+, K+, Cl-, iCa, Glu, Lac


Manual: STAT Profile Prime Manual
Manufacturer: Nova Biomedical
Location: BRB-B53
Required Training: Basic Training
Training Fee: 0.00

Usage Fees:
Nova STAT Profile Prime:$9.19 per sample run

Consumable Fees:
Director: Kui Xu, MD, PhD
Owner: Walter F. Boron, MD, PhD
Responsible PI: Walter F. Boron, MD, PhD
Class: Core Equipment -- MPPC