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Beckman, JLA-8.1000 Rotor

Manager: Gerald T. Babcock
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 216-368-4766
Manager: Xiaoqin Chen, PhD
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 216-368-3912
Availablility: By Availability

J-LITE JLA-8.1000 Rotor, Fixed Angle, Aluminum, 6 x 1,000 mL, 8,000 rpm, 15,970 x g. (Beckman-Coulter)

This Rotor provides the user with the capacity of pelleting 6 Liters of Culture in a single centrifuge run.

This Rotor is used solely in our J26 XPI Centrifuge loacted in the PEPCMBC. 

Manual: Beckman JLA-8.1000 Fixed Angle Rotor Manual
Beckman JLA-8.1000 Rotor Labware Kit Insert
Chemical Resistances for Beckman Coulter_Centrifugation_Products
Manufacturer: Beckman-Coulter
Location: SOM-E540
Required Training: Basic Training
Training Fee: 0.00

Usage Fees:

Consumable Fees:
Director: Matthias Buck
Owner: Walter F. Boron, MD, PhD
Responsible PI: Matthias Buck
Class: Core Equipment -- PEPCMBC