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PEPCMBC Policy Statement

Upon signing up to use the PEPCMBC scientific instrumentation, the users accept the terms and conditions as below:

For all users, please contact Dr. Yinghua Chen by email at or by phone at 216-368-8962 if preliminary discussion of scientific problem or training is required. If you want to book an instrument, please also email or call directly. Notify us if you need to cancel or postpone a previously scheduled appointment. 24-hour cancellation policy is required to avoid any fees.

No users can book ahead for more than 3 consecutive days a week for heavily used instrument including Biacore and Tecan microplate reader. If longer time is required, special request from PI is needed.

Users will perform experiments after the required instructions. The PEPCMBC staff will provide technical assistance to the extent required. Users are requested to acknowledge the PEPCMBC in resulting publications and presentations and inform Dr. Yinghua Chen about these publications or presentations.

Users must follow all Health and Safety (EHS) program regulations. Users are responsible for filing of their instrument use in corresponding logbooks.

The instrumentation and working areas must be kept clean after use.