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Mouse Physiological Phenotyping Core (MPPC)


Welcome to the MPPC

The MPPC in the Department of Physiology and Biophysics (DPB) is a state-of-art laboratory with instrumentation allowing investigators to characterize various aspects of small animal physiology. Assessment of clinical parameters in blood samples is possible with analyzers for blood gases (Prime, Nova), customizable clinical chemistries (Dri-Chem, Heska) and hematology (HemaTrue, Heska). The MPPC also houses instrumentation to assay rodent exercise tolerance with exercise wheels (mouse, Lafayette Instruments, Inc.). In addition, the MPPC have access to a treadmill system (mouse/rat, Columbus Instruments) which includes a 3/6 lane practice treadmill and single treadmills enclosed for calorimetry. Both systems have adjustable incline. In addition the treadmill system includes 8 cage indirect calorimetry (IDC). We also run a 4 chamber mouse Metabolic Cages system with feeding/drinking event and amount monitoring as well as waste collection that will freeze metabolic samples (Columbus Instruments).  Additional systems are available for telemetry studies, blood pressure monitoring & plethysmography. The MPPC possesses a Biospherix Oxycycler with 4 glovebox accessible chambers which to allow investigators to condition (mice) or insert exercise mice (wheels) in 4 separate, customizable O2 & CO2 environments. The MPPC operates as a multi-investigator, shared-used facility and provides training, technical expertise and assistance to all users. All instrumentation is available for use by faculty of the Department of Physiology and Biophysics with a small fee to cover consumables (training & calibration fees may apply). However, some services may be extended to external faculty (please inquire below).

If you would like to learn more about available MPPC service, please email Kui Xu at or Gerald Babcock at or call 216-36-4766 for available time and services.


Case Western Reserve University, School of Medicine
Laboratory Space: Biomedical Research Building, B55 and B53
Main Office: Robbins Building, E549