CWRU Links


Instrument Academic users training (flat)

Analytical FPLC

$10/hr $100

Biacore T100

35/hr $250 (basic training)

Circular Dichroism

$24/hr $150
DLS $12/hr $75

MicroScale Thermophoresis

$32/hr $100

Infinite M1000 Microplate reader

$17/hr 75

Isothermal Titration Calorimeter

$30/hr $150

Leica M205A Microscope

$14/hr $100


$40/hr $100
Protein Chamber $30/month $0

Rockimager-500 and RockMaker

$50 per month for storage/monitoring

$50 per hour for setup


SEC-MALS with RI detector

$30/hr $150

Tecan freedom evo

$28/hr $250

Typhoon imaging facility

$30/hr $30
Bacterial and Baculovirus equipment Free $40/hr if assistance is needed

Note: for all equiment, staff assistance fee is $40/hr