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Stephen Lewis, PhD
PhD, University of Melbourne

Mailing Address:
10900 Euclid Ave
Cleveland , OH 44106-4970
Phone: 216-368-3482
Fax: 216-368-4223

Research Interests

Dr. Lewis’ laboratory focuses on the cellular mechanisms by which endogenous thiols (e.g., cysteine, cysteamine and glutathione) and S-nitrosothiols(e.g., S-nitrosocysteine, S-nitrosocysteamine and S-nitrosoglutathione) as well as their synthesis/degradation pathways influence the central and peripheral regulation of microcirculatory and ventilatory systems in rats and mice under both physiological and pathophysiological settings. His lab employs a multi-disciplinary research approach ranging from whole animal physiology and pharmacology to electrophysiology (e.g., whole fiber neural recordings, single cell patch clamping) to cell/molecular biology (e.g., Western blotting, RT-PCR), and have key collaborations with experts in the cell biology, biochemistry and pharmacology of thiol and S-nitrosothiol compounds including Drs. Ben Gaston, Jim Bates, and Lisa Palmer.