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MSMP Curriculum

Medical Physiology is a demanding and rewarding academic program, consisting of 32 hours,  which prepares you for the rigor and intensity of professional school.  We create an intellectually challenging atmosphere where you engage with your fellow students in collaborative learning and share successes.  

The Core Curriculum is designed to enhance your knowledge in medical physiology and translational physiology.  This rigorous physiological background will make you more competitive for medical school and other professional programs as well as prepare you for first year there.  We will be adding the physiological basis of disease to the curriculum in the future.

The Core Curriculum offers an experience similar to the first year of medical school.  Like medical school, the entire cohort for the year takes these classes together.  In addition, the same faculty that teach in the CWRU School of Medicine teach the Medical Physiology courses. We also have secondary faculty at the Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, MetroHealth, and the Louis Stokes Veteran Affairs Medical Center.

Core Curriculum
Class Title Term
PHOL 481 Medical Physiology I Fall
PHOL 482 Medical Physiology II Spring
PHOL 483 Translational Physiology I Fall
PHOL 484 Translational Physiology II Spring
PHOL 498C Seminar Fall
PHOL 498D Seminar Spring

Additionally, for students entering in Fall 2020, the program will now require you take two of these four classes:

PHOL 479  Clinical Reasoning

PHOL 492 Clinical Reasoning II

PHOL 402A  The Physiological Basis of Disease I

PHOL 402B  The Physiological Basis of Disease II