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MSMP / Aerospace Certificate

Masters in Medical Physiology & Certificate in Aerospace Physiology dual degree program

Students can now earn a masters degree in medical physiology along with the certificate in aerospace physiology 

Students should apply to the Masters In Medical Physiology program and the Certificate in Aerospace Physiology 

The program of study for the dual degree is as follows:

Course Code Course Name Credit
Fall Year 1
PHOL 481 Medical Physiology 6
PHOL 483 Translational Physiology 3
PHOL 498C Physiology Seminar 1
Spring Year 1
PHOL 482 Medical Physiology 6
PHOL 484 Translational Physiology 3
PHOL 498D Physiology Seminar 1
Fall Year 2
PHOL 421 Introduction to Aerospace Physiology 1 3
PHOL 614 Sleep Physiology 3
  Elective 3
Spring Year 2
PHOL 422 Introduction to Aerospace Physiology 2 3
PHOL 486 Physiology of Movementon 3
Summer Year 2    
PHOL 423 Aerospace Physiology Lab Rotation 3

In addition, students must take two of the electives listed below to complete the degrees.

Course Code Course Name Credit
PHOL 479 Clinical Reasoning 3
PHOL 486 Physiology of Movement 3
PHOL 487 Physiology in Exercise and Health 3
PHOL 492 Clinical Reasoning 3
PHOL 493 Clinical Reasoning 3
PHOL 614 Sleep Physiology 3

The dual degree can be decelerated for students who need to take a less intensive course load in each semester.