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Dual MS in Medical Physiology and MBA Degree (MS/MBA) Program: 

The MS/MBA dual degree program prepares students to strengthen their academic background before applying to professional programs while simultaneously enriching their credentials for the job market. Students can

  • Participate in medical research and management. 
  • Learn more about health care management.
  • Develop expertise in areas of substantive interest. 
  • Enhance their job opportunities at the intersection of translational science and business/health care.

The Weatherhead School of Management’s MBA program is recognized as an innovative approach to management education and builds on a foundation of core skills to prepare graduates for what’s happening in business right now.

Application Process: 

Students interested in this Dual Degree program must be admitted to the MSMP program and complete the first year of required core physiology courses. Students in good standing after their first two semesters may petition the MSMP Administration Committee to enter the dual degree program by May 1. Upon the recommendation of the MSMP Administration Committee, the student can apply to the MBA program through the Weatherhead School of Management admissions process. 

Students enter the MBA program following completion of the MSMP core curriculum. Starting during the fall term, they complete 51 hours of MBA courses in 3 semesters.

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