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University of Virginia BA 2011, MSMP 2017, Case Western Medical School Class of 2022

I started the MSMP program unsure of whether my goal of going to medical school was still possible. I struggled academically throughout my undergraduate career and had a hard time finding help. When I came to the Medical Physiology Program, I found a network of both students and faculty who wanted me to succeed and supported me on my path to success. The program was rigorous and challenged me both academically and professionally. Throughout the course of the program, not only did my knowledge base grow, I also developed a wealth of skills that helped me to achieve academically and professionally. These skills have become invaluable to me as a student doctor at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine.




Wake Forest University BA 2016, MSMP 2018, Wake Forest University School of Medicine class of 2022

Since graduating from the MSMP program, I have enrolled at Wake Forest School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where I expect to earn my MD in May 2022. The program and faculty provided me with a solid foundation in physiology which has greatly benefited me in my pre-clinical medical school courses. It also taught me effective study techniques so that I felt much more confident and prepared for the rigorous medical school curriculum.




Duke University Ba 2012, MSMP 2014, University of Cinncinnati 2018, University of Michigan Neurology Resident

My time at Case was formative for my academic growth. I came into the program wanting to hone better study skills, so I was ready to buckle down and tackle difficult material - fortunately, the program was designed in such a way that I completed the physiology course feeling exponentially more disciplined. And summarizing the entirety of Dr. Boron's textbook cover to cover is an achievement of which I'm still quite proud (I even referenced those notes from time to time in medical school!). I came out with a deep appreciation for pathophysiology, and other courses (ie. pharmacology, metabolism) gave me earlier exposure to the fundamentals of the preclinical medical school curriculum. But the knowledge base isn't ultimately what helped me through medical school - it was the new discipline and focus that I'd gained from pursuing the master's degree that powered me through. Also, Dr. Daroff's lesion localization lecture was the first time I realized I might want to be a neurologist, so one could say I have the MSMP to thank for kindling that dream!




University of Pittsburgh BA 2016, MSMP 2018, Tufts University School of Dental Medicine Class of 2022

I am confident that Case Western’s MSMP program is what was able to push me over the edge and make me a competitive applicant for Dental school. The faculty truly care for your future at Case and they give you all the tools necessary for you to succeed, whether that be 2nd year and faculty mentors, tips and tricks on how to approach the hidden curriculum, the ability to take additional ‘fellowship courses’ tuition free, or the MBA/Area of concentration options. This program is one you can really gear toward your personal needs rather than the fixed curriculums you find at most other post-bacc programs. Their comprehensive 1st year curriculum has prepared me exceptionally for the type of workload a face now in Dental School and I definitely recommend Case’s MSMP program to anyone looking to strengthen their health professional school application!




Ohio State University BS 2016, MSMP 2018, Case Western Anesthiology Assistant Program Class of 2020

The MSMP program opens doors that many do not even know exist. I joined the program in order to increase my chances of being accepted into medical school, which was my dream for many years. However, during my second year I learned that there are many other career paths that are in patient care settings and equally as rewarding. I am currently a Student Anesthesiologist Assistant within the Master of Science in Anesthesia program at Case Western Reserve. I decided that this path was best for me because I wanted to better patients’ lives without all of the sacrifices that need to be made to become a physician. The MSMP program not only gave me the academic advantage that facilitated my acceptance into the career of my choice, but helped me find the path in life that will truly make me happy.




Univesity of Dayton BS 2014, MSMP 2017, Case Western Physician Assistant Program class of 2019

After graduation, I began my education as a PA Student at CWRU, and am currently in my clinical year, set to graduate in August 2019. The MSMP program greatly enhanced not only my academic resume, but also provided me a strong medical educational foundation that enhanced my ability to synthesize and understand information quickly. The unwavering support of the faculty, professors, and my advisor allowed me to explore future career and educational opportunities, and fostered a great atmosphere for learning.




University of Michigan BS 2016, MSMP 2018, University of Michigan School of Dental Medicine Class of 2022

After graduating with my MSMP degree I worked for an oral surgeon in Michigan for a year and then began dental school at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry.  My time at Case Western in the MSMP program thoroughly prepared me for dental school. The support from the faculty at the program helped me reach my goal of going to dental school, while the demands of the faculty better prepared me for the rigors of dental school. My strong background in physiology from the MSMP program has proved beneficial time and time again during my first year of dental school. I truly cannot say enough good things about this program, how well it prepared me for my further education and how happy I am that I chose Case Western.