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MSMP Electives & Areas of Concentration

Students must take 12 credit hours of electives to complete the program. Refer to the Graduate Bulletin for all course descriptions.

At least 6 hours must come from the following options:

Course Code Course Name Credit
PHOL 479

Clinical Reasoning: Applied Medical Physiology


PHOL 492

Clinical Reasoning II


PHOL 402A Physiological Basis for Disease A



Physiological Basis for Disease B


Additional electives to select from include:

Course Code Course Name Credit
PHOL 410

Basic Oxygen & Physiological Function


PHOL 485

Comparative & Evolutionary Physiology


PHOL 487 Exercise Physiology for Health & Disease


PHOL 614

Sleep Physiology - Neurobiology for Sleep/Wake


Students may also choose to take other graduate-level science courses outside the department.

Areas of Concentration

Students may apply for an area of concentration (AOC) towards the end of the core curriculum. Students completing an AOC will receive a certificate at graduation and their committee letter will highlight this accomplishment. In addition to elective coursework, students participate in clinical activities at local hospitals as part of the area of concentration.

Current Areas of Concentrations include:

•    Clinical Neuroscience, Director: Dr. Joe LaManna

•    Physiological Research, Director: Dr. William Schilling

While it is not an official area of concentration, Dr. Michael Decker’s Center for Aerospace Physiology allows students to research in conjunction with our aerospace physiology partners. These partners are the United States Air Force, United States Navy, and the National Aeronautics Space Agency.