Physiology & Biophysics

Post-Baccalaureate Program: MS in Medical Physiology

Internet Program

The Department of Physiology and Biophysics highly recommends that all Post-Bacc students, if possible, be physically on campus so that they can attend live lectures and seminars, consult with the faculty, and be involved in the Enrichment Curriculum. In this way, they can most effectively become an integral part of the academic community and take advantage of all the educational resources available at CWRU and its affiliated hospitals (The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, University Hospital, Metro Health Hospital, and The Cleveland Veterans Association Hospital).  However, we understand that physical attendance and a physical presence in Cleveland is not always possible. Therefore, we offer students who live outside of the Cleveland area or who must work during the times when the courses are offered the option of completing our program as a non-resident, Internet student.

When a student applies to our program, they should specify on their electronic application form if they want to take the program as a non-resident, Internet student and in their personal statement why.  When a student is accepted into our program, they may take courses as either a resident or non-resident, Internet student.  For example, some students cannot come to Cleveland for the beginning of the program so they start taking the courses as a non-resident, Internet student that semester.  When they do come to Cleveland, they continue taking the courses but as a resident student, even if this is mid-semester.  The program makes no distinction between resident and non-resident, Internet students except that non-resident, Internet students are assigned a specific Teaching Assistant to work with them and their Block Exams are administered securely through Proctor. The requirements for graduation and the grading standards in all courses are equal for both resident and non-resident students.

All lectures and seminars of the core physiology courses (PHOL 481, 482, 483, 484, 498C, and 498D) are streamed live simultaneously over the Internet. Moreover, we make available the recording of the presentations as archived videos on Canvas, the Course Management System used by the University. In this way, the presentations can be viewed asynchronously at the student’s convenience.  Monday quizzes in PHOL 481 and 482 are taken online through Canvas.  Block exams are administered under secure conditions on the student's individual computers using proctoring software through a private vendor, ProctorU. There are no extra charges for the use of these Internet resources.

The requirement of 12 credit hours of graduate electives (at the 400 level or above) can be satisfied by non-resident, Internet students in a number of ways. Firstly, there are enough elective courses offered over the Internet by the Department of Physiology and Biophysics that the requirement can be met by taking these courses.  Secondly, more and more graduate-level Internet courses are being offered by the basic science departments in the School of Medicine and other departments throughout the university, that the requirement can be met by taking some of these courses.  Thirdly, non-resident, Internet students can always come to Cleveland and physically take any graduate level courses offered by the university.  Fourthly, the University has a policy of accepting (upon approval by the department and the School of Graduate Studies) up to 6 graduate credit hours of course work from universities other than CWRU and outside the Cleveland area if these courses have not been used to satisfy the requirements for another degree. Therefore, the student can take up to 6 credit hours of approved courses at a university close to where they live and have the credits transferred to CWRU.

Students with questions about in the non-resident, Internet program can contact Dr. Andrea Romani, Director of Admissions (, 216-368-1625), Dr. Julian Stelzer, Co-Director of the program (, 216-368-8636), or Dr. Thomas M. Nosek, Co-Director of the program (, 216-256-3726).