Physiology & Biophysics

Post-Baccalaureate Program: MS in Medical Physiology

Administration of the Program

Dr. Thomas M. Nosek and Dr. Julian Stelzer are the co-directors of the MS in Medical Physiology program.  Administrative support is provided by Bart Jarmusch, the Manager of all Departmental Educational Programs.  All staff support for the program is coordinated by Mr. Morley Schwebel, Business Manager for the Department.  Teaching assistants, taken from the 2nd year MS in Medical Physiology class, are hired to help with the administration of the required core courses.

The MS in Medical Physiology Administration Committee is responsible for recruiting students and admitting them to the program.  The members of this committee are Dr. Thomas M. Nosek (Chair, Co-Director of the MSMP Program), Dr. Julian Stelzer (Vice-Chair, Co-Director), Dr. Andrea Romani (Director of Admission), Dr. Steve Jones, Dr. Joseph C. LaManna, Dr. Carole Liedtke, and Dr. William  Schilling. 

Each student is assigned an MSMP Faculty Advisor who advises the student regarding which elective courses to take, follows his or her progress in the courses (helping the student identify remediation activities, should they perform below passing in any of the examinations in the Medical Physiology and Translational Physiology courses), and helping the student prepare his or her application materials for medical/dental/professional school. The MSMP Faculty Advisor also works with their assigned students to help them achieve their career goals in academia or the biomedical/biotechnology industry.

Each first year student will also select a Peer Advisor from a group of second year MS in Medical Physiology students.  The Peer Advisors will schedule periodic activities to help the incoming students acclimatize to CWRU, Cleveland, and our program.

An advisory/Q&A session with: the Associate Dean for Admissions and Director of Admissions to the CWRU School of Medicine, the Director of Admissions to the CWRU School of Dentistry, the CWRU Physician Assistant program, the CWRU Department of Physiology and Biophysics Ph.D. Program, the CWRU MS/MBA Program, the CWRU Clinical Investigation Program, the CWRU Anesthesiology Assistant Program, and equivalent representatives from other institutions, will be held each year to help MSMP students choose a professional school and program and prepare their professional school admissions materials.