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Apply MSMP


Post-Bacc Program MS in Medical Physiology, Field of Study: Medical Physiology (MS-B)


Applications are now open for Summer & Fall 2019 terms.


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Everyone should apply to the Plan-B MS in Medical Physiology program. If you are interested in enrolling in the Plan-A MS in Medical Physiology program (requiring Research Thesis), the dual MS/MBA degree program or an area of concentration (AOC) after the first year, you should indicate this in your personal statement. Students can enroll in the entire program as Internet students and complete the program online. However, students should understand that the Internet courses are just as intensive as the in-class courses, and that enrolling in the program full-time requires a full-time commitment to be successful. 

Application Resources:

See our Box Share for supplemental materials that you should send to us at, including the BCPM grade calculator.

BCPM Grade Calculator:

Please download from the Box Share the BCPM grade calculator, fill it out, and mail it to us at

Academic Statement:

Applicants have the option of submitting a statement of no more than 250 words explaining any academic issues in their record.  This should be emailed to

Letters of Recommendation:

The names and email addresses for three references should be entered into the online system.  The letters of recommendation can then be entered into the system directly by the references. This is the preferred method. Alternatively, references can send letters directly to  Letters can also be submitted via Interfolio to If the letters of recommendation will arrive by any method other than the online application system, the applicant should still enter the references’ names and email addresses into the online system. Please do not submit the same letter multiple times through different methods. This delays the processing time.


You must report ALL of your college level coursework at all institutions that you have attended. You can sumit an unoffical transcript, but it must contain your name, ID number or DOB, the name of the institution, and all courses taken. You also need to submit your BCPM GPA via the calculator in the Box Share folder above.

Transcripts for students who have not yet received an admission decision should be mailed to Mr. Bart Jarmusch using the contact information below.  Unofficial transcripts can be submitted along with the online application (preferred) or emailed to Mr. Jarmusch to expedite the department review process and notification of decision. However, official acceptance by the School of Graduate Studies, which follows the department review, requires that all official transcripts are first received. If unofficial transcripts are used or if the transcript shows that the applicant has not yet graduated with an undergraduate degree, the student can be granted a conditional acceptance and a new transcript showing the graduation will have to be submitted at a later time directly to the School of Graduate Studies. The online application system may continue to indicate that the transcripts have not yet been received if the transcripts were unofficial or did not show a graduation date. Please make sure that all unofficial transcripts are legible and include the name of the institution and student.

If a student receives a conditional acceptance and needs to send official transcripts after receiving this conditional acceptance, students should send transcripts directly to:

Case Western Reserve University

School of Graduate Studies, Tomlinson 203

10900 Euclid Ave.

Cleveland, OH 44106-7027

Electronic transcripts:

If your transcript accidently gets sent to Mr. Jarmusch after conditional acceptance, there is no need to contact the office. It will be forwarded via campus mail.

Standardized Test Scores:

GRE, MCAT, DAT, or PCAT scores are required for the application process. Of the GRE, MCAT, DAT, or PCAT only one exam is required.

For international students, additionally either the TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE (Pearson Test of English) is required, but not both. In order to waive the TOEFL or IELTS score an applicant must meet one of the following requirements : 1) the student speaks English as their native language, 2) the student has completed a bachelor’s or higher degree at a foreign university where the instruction was in English, or 3) the student has earned a bachelor’s or higher degree in a U.S. college or university. The waiver will not be applied until review of the official transcripts with degree verification. To be considered for admission, the minimal IELTS score is 7.0, and the minimum TOEFL score is 90. We do not give conditional admission if a language test is required and one of these scores has not been met.

GRE scores should be sent to CWRU using the school code 1105. MCAT Score Reports, DAT, PCAT, TOEFL, and IELTS scores (if applicable) should be emailed in PDF format to using a clear version that includes the applicant’s name and date of birth on the same page as the scores. We do not require MCAT scores to be sent by AMCAS, however we do require the verification code to be provided with your MCAT scores.

Recommended Pre-Program Coursework:

The highest performing students have had one year of English, one year of biology, one year of physics, and two years of chemistry (through organic chemistry) on their undergraduate record.  Although these are not required, it is recommended that you have these courses before beginning the program.

Personal Statement and Curricula Vitae (CV)/Resume:

A personal statement is required and should be submitted along with the online application. A CV or resume is optional and can be submitted along with the online application.

Deadlines for MS in Medical Physiology Applications:

Application Deadlines

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the year.  Students may start the program any semester, although it is highly recommended that all student begin Fall semester.  Students starting the program in spring or summer will take elective courses until the fall term. 

Below are the deadlines for applying to the program.  If a student misses a deadline, the student has two options:

  1. Have their application reviewed for admission the next semester;
  2. Enroll as a non-degree student for the current semester with no guarantee of being accepted into the program when your application is reviewed by the admissions committee.  These students have the potential of moving into the degree program the next semester upon a favorable review of their application and a good performance in the courses taken as a non-degree student. All courses taken as a non-degree student are applied to the 32 credit hour requirement of the program.

For Admission Spring 2019 Semester:

            November 1: Online application form and personal statement due

            November 15: All accompanying material (letters of recommendation, transcripts, test scores) due

For Admission Summer 2019 Semester:

            April 1: Online application form and personal statement due

            April 15: All accompanying material (letters of recommendation, transcripts, test scores) due

For Admission Fall 2019 Semester:

            July 15: Online application form and personal statement due

            July 31: All accompanying material (letters of recommendation, transcripts, test scores) due

Admission is granted on a rolling basis. Applications are processed faster when the applicant first completes the online application and accompanying documents are received afterwards. If an applicant submits accompanying materials before submitting the online application, the online application system will not immediately reflect whether the accompanying materials have been received. All documents sent to should be in PDF format and contain the applicant's name in the attachment. The applicant will be notified of the department’s decision by e-mail. The School of Graduate Studies will send accepted students an e-mail, and students must follow the link in the e-mail and accept the position in Hobson, the online system used for the application process. When a student accepts the offer in Hobson, a student identification number will be generated by the School of Graduate Studies. We strongly recommend that students who know they will attend the program formally accept the offer as soon as possible, since formal acceptance of the program by the student is required before a student identification number is issued. This identification number is necessary to apply for financial aid and register for classes. These processes take time and are out of the control of the department.

International students should apply as soon as possible, as we cannot help in obtaining a student visa until after the student has accepted the offer of admission. Time delays may occur from the time it takes for physical delivery of visa application materials to the student's home address, extended wait times for visa appointments at US consulates, and background checks.

Successful applicants typically have:

  • MCAT scores totaling around 25 (old scores) or 500 (new scores).

  • DAT scores totaling around 18.

  • GRE scores on the Verbal, Quantitative, and Analytical components of the exam greater than the 40th percentile.

  • Cummulative undergraduate grade point average of greater than 2.9.
  • Good foundation in physical/chemical/biological sciences.
  • International applicants must have a TOEFL score of at least 90, IELS score of at least 7.0, Pearson Test of English of 61, or prove to the satisfaction of the Graduate School that the medium of instruction was English.

We have no absolute criteria for selecting applicants based on these standardized exams or undergraduate grade point averages.  Each student is evaluated on the merits of the total application: standardized test scores, undergraduate and graduate grade point averages, letters of recommendation (3), and an application essay (personal statement) describing their interest in the program and career plans.

Accepted Students:

After a student is recommended for acceptance by the department, application materials are sent to the School of Graduate Studies for processing. After the materials are processed, the School of Graduate Studies will send accepted students an email with a link to accept or decline the offer of admission. YOU NEED TO FOLLOW THIS LINK AND FOLLOW THE PROMPTS TO ACCEPT OR DECLINE THE OFFER OF ADMISSION.

In order to enroll for classes, process financial aid (if applicable), and process a student visa (if applicable) you will have to formally accept the decision to attend. Once the offer of admission is accepted, full-time students can enroll in the 10 hours of core physiology courses for fall semester (Medical Physiology I - PHOL 481, Translational Physiology I – PHOL 483, and Physiology Seminar – PHOL 498C). You will need a laptop computer.

Students should contact the Office of University Financial Aid ( directly regarding financial aid questions. No financial aid is provided by the Department of Physiology and Biophysics. Memos of assistance, which are required for student loans, are automatically prepared by the department for incoming students after the student formally accepts the offer of admission from the School of Graduate Studies and a student ID number is issued. No additional information is required from you by the department. The form will be faxed by the department to the Office of University Financial Aid.

There is a wide diversity of housing options within walking distance to the university. Information can be found at:

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