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The information on this page is no longer valid because the person listed is no longer a member of our department. However, the information is being retained for link consistency and historical purposes.
Tomasz Religa, PhD
Assistant Professor
PhD, MRC Centre for Protein Engineering, University of Cambridge, UK
BA, Natural Sciences, Trinity College, University of Cambridge, UK

School of Medicine E610
10900 Euclid Ave
Cleveland , OH 44106-4970
Phone: 216-368-0742
Fax: 216-368-3592

Research Interests

Mechanisms of chaperone-assisted protein folding

A large fraction of newly synthesized proteins in the cell require assistance of molecular chaperones to reach their native folded states efficiently. Our goal is the complete understanding of how the chaperone machinery affects complex folding energy landscape, by preventing aggregation, accelerating folding or maintaining them in a folded or “folding-competent” state. Using biophysical tools taken from studies of well-defined single domain proteins, NMR, computational and biochemical methods, we would like to characterize the structures, energetics and conformational changes occurring at every stage of chaperone-assisted protein folding, from the nascent chain stage to the complete, fully folded protein.

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